What Does VLV Do?

The Voice of the Listener & Viewer is an independent, non-profit making membership-based charity, free from political and sectarian affiliations. 

VLV works to promote high quality broadcasting which maintains the democratic and cultural traditions of the UK. We support the independence, integrity and secure funding of the BBC and the work of broadcasters and programme makers who demonstrate commitment to the principles of public service broadcasting. 

British broadcasting is under threat

Most of us take for granted our TV and radio services in the UK which are admired across much of the rest of the world. But broadcasting as we know it is under threat. Its funding has been declining for a decade and we are likely to lose something precious unless we fight to keep it. VLV believes every citizen should benefit from the huge potential of broadcasting to inform, engage and entertain them with high quality content. VLV believes that effective broadcasting regulation should be supported so that the benefits of high quality broadcasting, which is universally available to all citizens of the UK, are maintained.  

To read more about why high quality broadcasting matters click here. 

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What is VLV doing?

The VLV provides a forum for the discussion of broadcasting issues. It makes submissions to government, Parliament, regulators and broadcasters focused on citizen interests and drawing on the contribution of its members. It holds regular public events to debate broadcasting issues at affordable prices. These play an important part in shaping broadcasting policy. 

Government, politicians, broadcasters and regulators all listen to VLV. 


VLV Citizens’ Forum

The VLV has been awarded a grant from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust to support a Citizens’ Forum to amplify citizens’ voices from across the UK. The project will run until Autumn 2025.

We anticipate the Forum will have three main components:

1. An advisory group of partners 
2. An assembly of Civil Society organisations who we will work with to better understand the views of citizens, so we can support them to make their own policy submissions. 
3. A wider set of peer organisations for whom we will prepare briefings and messaging, as well as data and research input from VLV.


Join VLV

From just £30 a year you can join VLV and support our important work. As a VLV member you will become part of an active and influential community which for over 35 years has been making the case for high quality radio and television programmes.  We campaign for UK content which is relevant to our lives – independent and impartial news and current affairs; dramas and factual programmes set in the UK and children’s programmes which reflect our culture and society. 

If you, like us, believe that high quality broadcasting in the UK is worth fighting for then please join VLV today. All our income goes towards our campaign for better broadcasting. Without the funding provided by membership fees and donations VLV would not be able to carry out its important work.  

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About VLV

VLV is run on a voluntary basis by a Board of Trustees with a part-time administrator and part-time policy advisor. 

VLV is a charitable company limited by guarantee – Registered in England and Wales No 4407712, Charity No 1152136.

VLV does not handle complaints on behalf of the public and is not related to the former National Viewers and & Listeners Association, now Mediawatch UK.