27 November 2018 10:30

VLV Autumn Conference 2018

VLV will hold its Autumn Conference on Tuesday November 27th 2018  from 10.30 - 16.00 at the…

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19 April 2018 10:30

VLV Spring Conference 2018

VLV will hold its annual Spring Conference and Awards for Excellence in Broadcasting on April 19th…

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VLV is concerned about Ofcom stakeholder engagement and spectrum plans

VLV has made a submission to Ofcom's Annual Plan 2018/19 highlighting its concerns about Ofcom spectrum policy and its…

VLV urges Ofcom to consider new quotas to increase the volume of children's TV

Ofcom Review of Children's Content - January 2018 In its submission to the Ofcom Review of children’s content…

VLV concerns about BBC and Ofcom accountability aired on Radio 4 Feedback

Following the publication of the new BBC Operating Licence by Ofcom on October 13th VLV is concerned that the new…